Auris Medical is a Swiss biotechnology company developing specific pharmaceutical compounds for the prevention or treatment of inner ear disorders, an area of great unmet medical need. The Company is cur-rently focusing on the development of treatments for acute inner ear tinnitus (AM-101) and for acute inner ear hearing loss (AM-111) by way of intratympanic injection with biocompatible gel formulations. AM-101 contains a small molecule NMDA receptor antagonist. In a Phase IIb clinical trial the treatment showed a statistically significant reduction in tinnitus loudness and several other outcomes in patients suffering from acute tinnitus with established cochlear origin. AM-111 contains a cell-permeable peptide that selectively blocks JNK signalling involved in apoptosis and inflammation. A recent Phase IIb clinical trial demonstrated a statistically significant improvement in the hearing and speech discrimination of patients with severe to profound hearing loss. In addition, Auris Medical is pursuing some early-stage research and development projects.


Antoine Papiernik

Antoine Papiernik is a Managing Partner at Sofinnova Partners, which he joined in 1997. Antoine has been an initial investor and active board member in public companies like Actelion, ProQR, Shockwave Medical,  NovusPharma (then sold to CTI), Movetis (then sold to Shire), Mainstay, Pixium Vision and...