BioAmber is a next-generation chemicals company with a focus on bio-sourced intermediates and particularly succinic acid. The company’s proprietary technology platform combines an exceptional know-how in fermentation, an innovative purification process and chemical catalysis to convert renewable feedstocks into chemicals that are cost-competitive replacements for petroleum-derived chemicals. BioAmber currently sells its first product, bio-succinic acid, to customers in a variety of chemical markets in connection with its product and market development efforts. BioAmber manufactures its bio-succinic acid in a facility using a commercial scale 350,000 liter fermenter in Pomacle, France, which the company believes to be one of the largest bio-based chemical manufacturing facilities in the world.

Industrial Biotechnology

Denis Lucquin

Denis Lucquin is a Managing Partner  of Sofinnova Partners. In life sciences, he specializes in industrial biotechnology investments. He joined Sofinnova in 1991. Denis began his career in academic research. For five years, he was in charge of the technology transfer department at the Institut Natio...