Biosyntia is an industrial biotech company developing bio-based manufacturing processes with core capabilities within strain engineering and fermentation. The company was founded in 2012 by Hans Genee, Andreas Lausten and serial entrepreneur, DTU Professor Morten Sommer. Today, 15 scientists and business developers operate from Biosyntia’s lab and offices in Copenhagen, Denmark. Biosyntia develops microbes and processes at an unprecedented speed and efficiency by employing its Biosynthetic Selections™ technology which dramatically reduce the risk, cost and time for developing fermentation processes.

Industrial Biotechnology

Joško Bobanović

Joško Bobanović joined Sofinnova Partners in 2010 as Partner dedicated to activities in industrial biotech. He focuses on early stage deals in Europe and North America with applications in chemicals, agriculture, food, feed and synthetic biology. Joško sits on the boards of Metgen, Synthace, Celluco...