Enabling the use CO2 as an industrial fermentation feedstock

Founded in 2015 by Sofinnova Partners, following a research project financed by the Toulouse White Biotechnology cluster, EnobraQ is developing a fermentation process using CO2 as its sole carbon source for the production of molecules of interest for the chemical industry. New technological solutions are needed to fight climate change through substituting petroleum products for cleaner alternatives. In this context, EnobraQ’s disruptive approach is to use yeast for CO2 capture and production of chemical compound, thereby significantly reducing greenhouse gases. It provides a unique, innovative response for reducing the threat and seizing the opportunity: feeding the yeasts from its technology with CO2 and decarbonized hydrogen to carry out customized chemical syntheses on an industrial scale
«This successful financing is a major milestone for the company. We are very pleased and honored to have been able to convince several prestigious seed funds to help us in our prospective development” said Leopold Demiddeleer, EnobraQ’s chairman. “Even though we are still very early stage, and hence a very risky proposition, the exceptional potential of the company has convinced our investors” adds Leopold Demiddeleer.

Industrial Biotechnology

Denis Lucquin

Denis Lucquin is a Managing Partner  of Sofinnova Partners. In life sciences, he specializes in industrial biotechnology investments. He joined Sofinnova in 1991. Denis began his career in academic research. For five years, he was in charge of the technology transfer department at the Institut Natio...