Mission Therapeutics is a specialist pharmaceutical company whose aim is to translate new molecular understandings of human cell biology into drugs that will markedly improve the management of life-threatening diseases, particularly cancer. The company holds and aims to maintain world-leadership in DNA repair and associated molecular mechanisms, particularly those involving enzymes of the ubiquitin pathway. Mission Therapeutics will use its knowledge and proven expertise in targeting these pathways for small-molecule drug discovery to develop new therapeutic agents with wide market potential. These drugs mainly target “Achilles heels” of diseased tissues by exploiting the concept of synthetic-lethality.


Graziano Seghezzi

Graziano Seghezzi is Managing Partner at Sofinnova Partners which he joined in 2006. He seed funded and was on the Board of GlycoVaxyn which was sold to GlaxoSmithKline in 2015 and Omthera Pharmaceuticals which went public on Nasdaq in 2013, then was sold to AstraZeneca later that year. Graziano als...