Sofinnova MD Start III Call for Projects

Sofinnova MD Start III is looking for early-stage medtech projects in need of both funding and operational support.

Eligible medtech projects should have a strong clinical impact and a high potential to improve how patients are treated. They should represent disruptive innovations whether in the form of new or augmented interventions, implants, treatment orientation solutions, including digitally-powered approaches.

Project stage should include from concept stage / ideation to first functional demonstrator / proof of concept in a preclinical model. Projects already incorporated into companies can be eligible as long as they do not have a complete management team in place and/or have not raised more than 1M€ in funding (dilutive or non-dilutive).

Projects should require financial support through funding from Sofinnova MD Start, and also operational support, fitting the Sofinnova MD Start model of a hands-on, joint project development with the project inventors.

The review and selection process will be conducted by the Sofinnova MD Start team, which consists of medical, science and engineering professionals, with extensive experience in medtech entrepreneurship and venture capital investment.

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The application will be divided into two steps:

  • First, please fill the short preselection form below, which includes the signature of a confidentiality agreement covering the information you will disclose to us about your project.
  • If your project fits our criteria, within two weeks, you will be contacted by the team in order to begin the second step, which involves providing a more detailed project presentation. Once the second step is completed, the rest of the selection process should take an additional one to two months.

Selected projects will be eligible for:

  • a maturation grant for up to 100k€, based on guidance and objectives set by the review team, in exchange for a right of first negotiation when the project becomes mature enough for a seed investment, or
  • further evaluation as part of our due diligence process prior to a potential seed investment of up to 3-4M€ in exchange for ownership into the existing or to be created company.

Feedback will be provided on projects that are not selected. Repeat applications are welcome.

Projects will be received and reviewed on a first come first served basis, with an ability to submit applications at any time.

Please contact us at should you have any question.

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About Sofinnova MD Start III

We are a fund, a team of entrepreneurs and an incubator combined

Sofinnova MD Start III is an efficient 3-in-1 "accelerator" structure. Our mission is to incubate medical device innovations to the point where proof-of-principle in patients is demonstrated, allowing for interest from traditional investors and continued funding. Our team operates the projects and new companies to bridge the gap between science and clinical experience.

We look for ideas that others miss

We source innovations that are too early for large corporate or venture investors. These inventions arise from clinicians all over the world who do not wish to become entrepreneurs. Our ambition is to turn these breakthrough inventions into world-class medtech companies.

We have a strong process for value generation

We focus on comprehensive due diligence and engineering rigor to successfully and efficiently transform an idea addressing a significant unmet medical need into a revolutionary medical technology that can turned into a new company with a quick path to first-in-human and other value inflexion milestones. The team’s expertise spans market and technical analysis, IP and prototype development, preclinical and clinical validation, project management, fundraising and exits.

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