Investment Strategy

Sofinnova Partners invests in start-ups, early-stage companies, corporate spin-offs and occasionally restarts. Our focus is on life sciences. We proactively source deals, take a lead role, we are most often the first institutional investor in Round A financings, and we lead our portfolio companies until exit. We sit on the boards of our portfolio companies and play an active role as from the formation phase alongside our entrepreneurs. Sofinnova invests throughout Europe from our headquarters in Paris with a portion of our investments made in the rest of the world.

Sectors of focus

We focus primarily on ambitious life sciences projects in three domains:

  • Biopharmaceutical
  • Medical devices
  • Industrial biotechnology

In all those domains we invest in game-changing technologies, on projects able to revolutionize their respective industries and address tomorrow’s challenges. Priority is given to projects which have secured strong intellectual property and which combine entrepreneurial track-record with pharmaceutical or industrial experience.
We invest in start-ups, typically originated in the academic world, as well as spin-offs, which are new companies formed around later stage assets that had been developed in and spun-off from larger corporations. This is particularly true in the field of biopharmaceuticals where we have generated a unique spin-off track record.

Investment philosophy

  • We are Venture Capitalists: we achieve high returns through taking calculated risks.
  • We invest in early stage projects with disruptive technologies that have the potential to become strong sustainable companies with the potential to return in excess of 10x our investment.
  • We know it takes time, talent and tenacity to build tomorrow’s leaders.
  • We are convinced that in every success, human factors are decisive.