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For Entrepreneurs

Sofinnova Partners provides equity financing for startups and early-stage companies operating in the areas of biotech, medtech, biopharma and industrial biotech.


Fill out the form below with the required information. You will need the following elements to enable us to evaluate your idea:


A one-sentence description of your company’s mission.


A synopsis (1-2 pages) of your idea/project, which includes:

- The target market and its size
- Your company’s competitive position
- The management team
- Your project’s development stage and financing needs
- Contact information for your company’s CEO (name, address, e-mail address)


A business plan, including a detailed description (in Word or PDF format) and a financing plan (in Word, PDF, or Excel, with layout but no external links. Zip format accepted).


We will acknowledge receipt of your application by email. We will then review the information provided and contact you if there is a good fit. Several interviews between your project leaders and the Sofinnova Partners team may be necessary before we can present your proposal to the investment committee who will make the final investment decision. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please select the Sofinnova Fund that best fits your proposal, then fill out the form below

In order to direct your proposal to the best-placed team, please ensure you choose the appropriate fund: Sofinnova Capital Fund (seed/series A, healthcare), Sofinnova Crossover Fund (later-stage, healthcare), Sofinnova MDStart Fund (early-stage, medtech only), Sofinnova Telethon Fund (early-stage, rare and genetic diseases), Sofinnova Industrial Biotech Fund (seed/series A, industrial biotech).

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